Welcome to the Omniscience Labs! This website has been developed by the Omniscience Team to allow every agent around the world to submit their questions and share their knowledge about Ingress. After the submitted questions got reviewed by our specialists they will be used at the Omniscience Portal Quiz at Schloss Kaltenberg. After the event we will try to make the quiz available to everyone on our Website. The agent who will have the most questions approved before the Osiris Epyphany Night event Kaltenberg will receive a free swag pack. Thank you for your help!

Rules: Write, in English, a question related to Ingress with 4 possible answers. Only one answer must be correct. You can submit questions for example about the Ingress scanner, the storyline, the events, etc. Something not too easy nor too difficult. Once submitted you will get a notification (if enabled in your account settings) when your question has been approved (+ edited if needed) or rejected.

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"They say knowledge is a weapon. If true, you wield the sharpest blade of all." You can read the full description of our project on ingress-omniscience.org.